Two Is Better Than One: Will The Twins Return?

Two is better than one, right?

Last year, there was a statement that was made after Andrew and Aaron Harrison made their decision to come to Kentucky…”Keep Calm.  The Twins Are Coming.”

We are a year down the road, and we are anxiously awaiting their decision on whether or not they will return to Kentucky or declare for the NBA draft.  The Harrison twins have played together their entire lives.  They know each other better than anyone else.  We know that twins have a strong bond, and the Harrison twins have a strong bond.

When one twin has a bad game, then to almost everyone, they have both had a bad game.  Or, when one twin has a good game, then to almost everyone, they have both had a good game.  Their games, essentially, get lumped together.  They are used to that, though.  They have dealt with that their entire lives.  It is part of the territory.  The thing with the Harrison twins is that two is better than one.  They feed off of each other, and that is what makes them great!

So, we sit here…And wait…And wait…And wait some more!

This is a decision that everyone in the nation is waiting on.  Will the twins come back?  College basketball is watching.  College basketball is waiting.  The state of Kentucky can hardly contain themselves.  If the twins come back, Kentucky’s chances of winning the National Championship go way up.  They are already going to be good, next year, with the class they have coming back and the recruiting class they have coming in.  With the Harrison twins coming back, Kentucky will be reaaaaallllyyyyy gooooooood!  If the Harrison twins come back, Kentucky has really good chance to bring home #9!

Andrew Harrison…

Aaron Harrison…

Two is better than one!

Two years at Kentucky is also better than one!

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