Welcome To The New Age


New NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, has made it plain that he is going to try and get things done.  Over the last several seasons, one of the major topics of discussion has been the NBA age limit.  Currently, to enter the NBA, a player has to be at least 19 years old.  Silver says that he is making it his top priority to see that age limit raised to 20 years old.  Silver seems to have the majority of owners on his side and thinks that the league will pass this rule.

What significance does this have for both the NBA and the college game?

In my opinion, this is the best thing that could happen for both college and the NBA.  Allowing players to mature can only benefit both levels.  There has become such an emphasis on the One and Done, that it seems to be the determining factor in success or failure.  If you come into college and are highly touted, then you better play up to those standards or you are considered a failure.  Forget the fact that you potentially have three more years to develop and become NBA ready.   Your success is determined by that one year.  It is not fair to that player to be put under the microscope over everything that he does.

Currently, a player either has to be 19 years of age or play at least one season of college basketball.  Hopefully, that rule will change to at least having to be age 20.  This will do multiple things for both the player, college, and the NBA.

1.  This will help the player (student athlete) get that much closer to earning a degree.  If that player works hard, they could be more than half way to earning a degree.

2.  This will help the player become more NBA ready.  They will have another year to develop their skills.  A lot of times, the first year of college is about learning what type of player you are against better competition.  After year one, they will know what they need to work on in order to get ready for the NBA.

3.  This will help the NBA because it will help players be more physically and mentally ready.  A lot times young men will think that they are ready to play in the NBA, but they are nowhere close.  That extra year of development will pay huge dividends, and it will also pay huge paychecks.  The NBA will, now, get players who will be more ready to play after two years of college experience.

I think this rule could really be beneficial if players were required to stay three years, but two is better than what it is currently.  I think that if this rule go in place you will see better brands of ball at both levels.  More team chemistry will be developed at the college level, and the NBA will be getting players that are more developed.

I hope Mr. Silver can push this rule on through!

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