Wizards Picking Up Where They Left Off

The Washington Wizards are picking up right where they left off.  In Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs, the Wizards beat the Chicago Bulls in 5 games.  You might have thought that they would have been a little rusty after a little bit of a lay off.  That was far from the case.

The Wizards went into the #1 seed Indiana Pacers’ Bankers Life Fieldhouse and took it to the Pacers.  They jumped out early, and they never really looked back.  Indiana led 31-30 for about 15 seconds.  The Wizards immediately took control back, and that was pretty much it for the night.

Bradley Beal had 25 points in the game, with 14 of those points coming in the 4th quarter.  Trevor Ariza poured in 22 points, and those two led the way for the Wizards.  John Wall finished the game with 13 points and 9 assists.  When Wall gets the ball in his hands, he is going in the other direction, full speed, in about two steps.

The Wizards speed will be a problem for Indiana.  The Pacers are going to have to find a way to slow Wall down so that he cannot get it out in transition and dish the ball to open shooters.

Paul George and George Hill led the way for the Pacers with 18 points.

It will be interesting to see the adjustments that the Pacers will make heading into Game 2.  The five day lay off did not hurt the Wizards at all.  They looked fresh, and look to be the better team in this series.  There is still a long way to go, and I am already looking forward to Game 2.

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California Chrome Wins The Kentucky Derby

The 140th Kentucky Derby could not of had a better day to be ran.  The weather was perfect, the crowd was anxious, and the horses and jockeys were ready to go.  The favorite going into the Kentucky Derby was California Chrome, and he did not disappoint.  Uncle Sigh set the pace, early on, but California Chrome stayed close.  Victor Espinoza was the jockey, and when he decided to make his move, the race was over.  California Chrome did not leave any doubt in the finish.  Espinoza picked up his second Kentucky Derby victory.

Victor Espinoza and California Chrome now aim at trying to be the first Triple Crown winner since Affirmed in 1978.

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Memorable Moments From The Kentucky Derby

It is the first Saturday in May, and that means it is time for some horse racing in Kentucky.  A mile and a quarter is the length of it, and the fastest 2-minutes in sports is the name given to it.  “And down the stretch they come” has become a recognized saying with this race.  You are right…It is the Kentucky Derby!

Here are some of the most memorable Kentucky Derby moments:

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Kentucky Derby Winner Of The Past: Affirmed

Affirmed won the Kentucky Derby in 1978.  He went on to win the Triple Crown.  Affirmed is the last horse to win horse racing’s Triple Crown.  Here is the video clip of Affiirmed’s Kentucky Derby win:

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Kentucky Derby Winner Of The Past: Seattle Slew

Seattle Slew won the Kentucky Derby in 1977.  Seattle Slew went on to win the Triple Crown.  Here is the video of Seattle Slew Kentucky Derby win:

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Kentucky Derby Winner Of The Past: Secretariat

Secretariat won the Kentucky Derby in 1973.  Secretariat  went on to win the Triple Crown.  Here is the video footage of Secretariat’s Kentucky Derby win:

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Kentucky Derby Winner Of The Past: Citation

Citation won the Kentucky Derby in 1948.  He went on to claim the Triple Crown.  Here are some clips of Citation’s Kentucky Derby win:

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Run For The Roses: 140th Kentucky Derby

Today is the first Saturday in May.  That can only mean one thing…Derby Day.  Today, marks what will be the 140th running of the Kentucky Derby.  It is considered to be the fastest 2-minutes in sports, and people from all over the world will gather in Louisville, Kentucky for this event.

There are many things that go on at the Derby, and here are a few things that make this day special:

1.  Celebrities Are Everywhere
      If there is one thing about the Derby, it is that celebrities will be everywhere.  Now, I am not sure all of these celebrities are avid horse fans, but they do attend.  It seems to be the place to be if you are famous.  There will be actors/actresses, singers, politicians, professional athletes, and etc.  If you are looking to get close to the rich and famous, then journey on out to Churchill Downs.

2.  Derby Hats
Derby Hats originated in England.  Horse racing somehow became associated with elegant dress and fashion.  The tradition came to America, and it was apart of the first ever Kentucky Derby over a 100 years ago.  The hats soon faded from everyday dress, so it made it that much more special to wear these hats at the Derby, one time a year.

3. The Twin Spires
When anyone see the Twin Spires, they know that it is associated with Churchill Downs and the Kentucky Derby.  The Twin Spires were constructed in 1895, and the were added to, visually, give something to the appearance of Churchill Downs.  As much as the horses are apart of the Derby, so are the Twin Spires.

4.  My Old Kentucky Home
     This song has not been played at every Kentucky Derby, but it seems as though it can be dated back to the 1920’s.  Now, when the horses step onto the track, the band strikes up “My Old Kentucky Home,” and then, the crowd will join in and sing along.  This is a long standing tradition, and it is a very memorable tradition.

5.  The Garland Roses
The roses originated when the ladies that attended a Derby party were given a rose.  The rose was adopted as the Derby’s official flower.  In 1896, the first ever rose garland was handed out to the winner of the Derby.  The phrase, “Run For The Roses” came about, and that has become as much of a tradition of the Kentucky Derby as anything.  It is a privilege for a jockey and horse to get to compete in any race, but to have a chance to ‘Run For The Roses’ is truly special!

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This Weekend Will Be One Of The Best NBA Playoff Weeknds Ever

This weekend has shaped up to be one of the best NBA Playoff weekends ever!

For the first time ever, there will be three Game 7’s in one day.  On Saturday, here is your list of Game 7’s:

Atlanta at Indiana                           5:30 PM

Memphis at Oklahoma City          8:00 PM

Golden State at LA Clippers         10:30 PM

And if that is not exciting enough for you, there will be two more Game 7’s on Sunday.  Here is a list of Sunday’s Game 7’s:

Dallas at San Antonio                      TBD

Brooklyn at Toronto                         TBD

This has the potential to be one of the best NBA weekends ever…by a landslide.  And speaking of landslides…Did you see the landslide in Baltimore, Maryland?  Thankfully, nobody was hurt, that we are aware of being hurt.  As far as we know, it was on property and vehicle damage.

Take a look:

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Portland Stuns Houston On Damian Lillard 3-Pointer

The first round of the NBA Playoffs have been fun to watch.  There are already three Game 7’s set for Saturday, and there were almost three to play on Sunday.  Damian Lillard had something to say about that for Portland.  With 0.9 seconds remaining, Lillard to a pass, went straight up, and knocked down a clutch 3-pointer of Houston Chandler Parsons.

Take a look:

This has been a fun series to watch.  Too bad in could not have went 7 Games, as well!


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SEC Network Releases Television Schedule


The Southeastern Conference has released a schedule for the first four weeks of the season for the SEC Network

In an article from the Southeastern Conference’s website, here is a little bit of what they had to say:

The SEC Network, the new national sports network launching August 14 and operated by ESPN, will air a game featuring every football team in the Southeastern Conference within the first four weeks of the 2014 college football season. The first 16 games, released today by the SEC and ESPN, include a home game from all 14 SEC football stadiums.

The entire article can be read at http://www.secdigitalnetwork.com/NEWS/tabid/473/Article/250911/each-sec-team-on-sec-network-in-first-four-weeks.aspx

Here is a look at the schedule they released:

The SEC Network is going to be nice to have because it will give you a chance to watch your favorite team on any given Saturday.  August 28th is on a Thursday night, and it will feature Texas A&M vs South Carolina.  I cannot think of a better way to start the upcoming football season.

Make sure you have spoken to your television provider to make sure the SEC Network will be available to you.

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Walk On At Kentucky Could Play A Significant Role For Future



@RK_AllDay10                                                                                  https://twitter.com/RK_AllDay10

In the picture above, you are looking at brothers, Ryan and Austin Kendall.  Ryan is pictured on the right.  He accepted a preferred walk-on spot at the University of Kentucky.  Ryan is a QB/WR in the 2014 class.  They are from North Carolina.

Kentucky is set for this current year at quarterback, but they could use a little extra depth at the wide receiver position.  You may ask why this is important?  It is important because Ryan’s brother Austin is a 4-star, 2016 quarterback, who considered the 8th best pro-style QB in the class of 2016.  He is considered the 203rd overall prospect in that class.  Austin visited Kentucky’s Spring Game, last Saturday, and reportedly, they are considered one of his listed schools.  Other schools Kentucky will be battling against for him will be the University of Tennessee and Clemson Univesity.

Will Kentucky have a slight edge for Austin, considering his brother Ryan is now going to suit up for the Wildcats?

It will be interesting to see how this recruiting battle plays out.


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Is Penn State’s Nittany Lyin’?

If there is one thing Penn State does not need, right now, it is to be in the midst of another scandal.  I am afraid they are about to find themselves in another one that they do not want to be any part of.

While being the Head Coach at Vanderbilt, James Franklin had some of his players charged with being involved in a rape case.  The Tennesseean has a new report that Franklin contacted the victim.  You can see the report at this link: http://www.tennessean.com/story/news/crime/2014/04/29/james-franklin-allegation-surfaces-vandy-filing/8476049/?sf25591322=[%271%27]

Here is a little bit from the report from The Tennessean:

Referring to records, the attorneys said the victim was contacted by Franklin and Galt during a medical examination four days after the rape to explain “that they cared about her because she assisted them with recruiting.”

It went on to say that at some point, “Coach Franklin called her in for a private meeting and told her he wanted her to get fifteen pretty girls together and form a team to assist with the recruiting even though he knew it was against the rules. He added that all the other colleges did it.”

This is a disturbing story to hear.  It is disturbing for the victim, it is disturbing for Vanderbilt University, and it is disturbing for Penn State University.  Penn State is coming off of the messy situation with Jerry Sandusky.

Franklin has been a hot name in college football because of the job he did at Vanderbilt.  He took a program that was not very good, and he at least made them respectable, on the field.  This will hurt his reputation as a coach and leader.

This will be a story to keep an eye on.


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Robinson Cano Surprises Some Yankee Fans

Robinson Cano makes his return to New York for the first time since signing with the Seattle Mariners.  Jimmy Fallon decided to have a little fun with Yankee fans.  He had Cano hide while Yankee fans would boo a big picture of him.  Then, Cano would come out and surprise them.

Take a look:

These reactions are priceless!

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Adam Silver’s Big Ban On Campus

New NBA Commissioner, Adam Silver, is not wasting any time making a statement.  He really had not choice, but it is good to see him not backing down.  Over the weekend, when reports came out that Los Angeles Clippers owner, Donald Sterling had made racist comments, something had to be done.

Well, today, Commissioner Silver did do something.  He handed out a ban to Donald Sterling.  He has banned Sterling from attending any practices or games….for life…effective immediately.

Silver said that Sterling’s views have no place in the NBA.

On top of being banned for life, Sterling was also fined $2.5 millions dollars.  That money will donated toward organizations dedicated to anti-discrimination and tolerance efforts.  Sterling is the longest tenured owner, as he has owned the Clippers since 1981.  Silver says that he will try to force Sterling to sell the Clippers.

Sterling became the first NBA owner to be banned for life.

From the tweets that have been sent out and comments that have been made, Commissioner Silver seems to have full support from the rest of the league.

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Michael Jordan And Lebron James Share Moment

In Game 3 of the Miami Heat and Charlotte Bobcats match up, Lebron James caused a little stir.  It looked as if James stared at Michael Jordan as he was going in for a dunk.  Take a look for yourself…

After Game 4, the Heat swept the series.  The exchange between the two was a little bit different.


via @SportCenter on Twitter                                                                                           https://twitter.com/SportsCenter

Jordan and James will go down in NBA history as two of the best players to ever play the game.  This is a picture that I am sure will be view by many.  It is a nice exchange from one NBA Champion to another NBA Champion.  I still believe that Jordan is the best to ever play the game, but the debate, I am sure, will always be there.

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Clippers Make A Collective Statement

In what has been a controversial weekend in Los Angeles, the LA Clippers made a statement before their Game 4 match up with the Golden State Warriors.  When the Clippers took the floor for warm-ups, they turned their warm-up jerseys inside out so that you could not see the Clippers on their uniforms.  This all came after Clippers owner, Donald Sterling, reportedly made some racist remarks.

via GrNBAVideosHD                             https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wsk2kYUGMXo

That was about the only statement that was made by the Clippers as they got thrashed by the Warriors by a score of 118-97.

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Listen To Us Talk Tennessee Football

The Tennessee Spring Game is over, and the Vols look toward the start of next season.  We are excited about football in the SEC.  It cannot get here quick enough.  Listen as Cole, Johnathon, and Tyler discuss Tennessee’s Spring Football practices and game.

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Sunday Morning Braves News and Notes

usa today

B.J. Upton collected his 1,000 hit Saturday night against the Reds.

– B.J. Upton collected his 1,000 hit Saturday night against the Reds.

– B.J. Upton has been wearing a new pair of glasses to try and help with his vision at the plate.

– Fredi Gonzalez is willing to wait a few days before making a decision on Mike Minor’s return date to the rotation. If Minor is anything like he was in the video below the Braves will be even tougher. (Video courtesy of MLB.com/Game vs. Mets 2013)

– Justin Upton continues his hot month of April. Upton now has 7 homers and is tied for second in the National League. (Courtesy of MLB Game Today Highlights)

– The Braves are #1 in Buster Olney’s latest power rankings.

– Ernesto Mejia has been released so he can play in Japan. Mejia track to the majors has been stopped due to the Freddie Freeman’s production at the major league level.

– Teheran (2-1, 1.80 ERA) will face Cueto (2-2, 1.38 ERA) Sunday 1:35 @ Turner Field.

– Alex Wood will hook up with Jose Fernandez of the Marlins Tuesday night. Do you remember the last time they hooked up…..oh yeah that was last week. They combined to form history in the form of the most strike outs with out any walks in a game since 1914.

– The Braves are 7-3 in their last 10 games and hold a 3 game lead over the Washington Nationals.

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Kentucky Spring Game Notes

The excitement around the Kentucky Football program has been at an all time high.  Mark Stoops and his staff have changed the mentality in Kentucky.  For the biggest majority of my life, Kentucky has been the doormat of the SEC.  There have a been a few years that have brought some excitement.  The Rich Brooks era was a fun one to be apart of, but for the most part, it usually brings depression.

Stoops has changed that mentality, and the Big Blue Nation is ready to explode over some good play on the football field.  I am not sure this season will bring the record that everyone wants because the schedule will be a tough one, but I do look to see some improvement.

One question everyone had going into the Spring Game was who the starting quarterback would be?  That got answered with Patrick Towles taking the field with the first team offense.  Towles showed off his arm strength, and he had a very impressive drive right before the end of the first half that led to a field goal.  I am not sure the quarterback question has been answered entirely, but it is good to see somebody taking the lead in the competition.http://www.nationofblue.com/2013/04/blue-team-edges-out-white-in-24-23-spring-game-win/

Kentucky wants to run the Air Raid offense, but I am not sure that Offensive Coordinator, Neal Brown, will be able to keep the ball out of the running back’s hands.  Jojo Kemp was very impressive in the game with a few highlight reel plays.  Braylon Heard is a shifty back, and he looks to have a promising career for the Big Blue.  Josh Clemons is another back that everyone was looking forward to seeing on the field, again.  He has battled some injuries in his time with Kentucky, but he has showed a lot of promise.  We will see how he bounces back from his injuries.  Mikel Horton is the power back of the group.  He will come in hand in short yardage situations.  This group will be a force, and could have a huge impact in a lot of games this upcoming season.

The Defensive Line is going to be fun to watch.  Za’Darius Smith is a man among boys.  The thing about this group is that they are not only big, but they are quick too.  The will be a force to be reckoned with in SEC play.  This is an area that Kentucky has struggled for a long time.  It is good to see that Coach Stoops is getting the players that is going to take in order to compete in the SEC.

Overall, I would say that this Spring has been a very positive one.  It has helped guys get more repetitions, and that will help as the season gets closer.  Kentucky Football is starting to make a name for itself.  It will be exciting to watch the growth of this team over the next year!

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Bill Belichick’s Face Scowl Show Up Again

Bill Belichick usually has a scowl on his face toward the opponent, or even sometimes, toward his own team.  That is not the only thing that brings a scowl to his face.  Running a half marathon brings a scowl to his face.  Of course, running a half marathon would probably bring a scowl to about anyone’s face, or I guess the lack of oxygen would bring a scowl to about anyone’s face.  Belichick ran a half marathon in Nashville, Tennessee with his long time girlfriend Linda Holiday.

via Twitter: @NFL


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Braves Continue Their Winning Ways


Justin Upton homers to deep center in the third inning.

The Atlanta Braves continued their winning ways Saturday night against the Cincinnati Reds. The Braves used the long ball again but David Hale was the one who shined. Hale pitched eight strong innings allowing one run, two hits, walking two, and striking out four. This pitching effort comes days before the possible return of Mike Minor to the Braves rotation. The Braves offense once again relied on the long ball.  The Braves scored all four runs on homers by Freeman, J. Upton, and Gattis. Kimbrel was very strong in the ninth and the Braves beat the Reds 4-1.

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LeBron Stares Down Jordan

LeBron taking a moment to see if Jordan is enjoying the show.

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Vince Carter hits a 3 at the buzzer to lift Dallas over San Antonio 109-108. Dallas now has a 2-1 series lead over San Antonio.

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Listen To Us Talk The NBA Playoffs

The NBA Playoffs have gotten off to a good start in the first round.  A lot of good games are being played.  Listen as Cole, Johnathon, and Tyler talk about the NBA Playoffs.

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Myles Turner To Announce College Decision April 30th On ESPNU


Myles Turner is the #2 rated high school player in the country. His decision will make one school very happy this Wednesday. Turner will decide between Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, SMU, Texas, and Texas A&M. Many have considered Texas the favorite, but each school had an in home visit this past week. His announcement can be seen this Wednesday on ESPNU at 4pm.


The 7’0’’ center from Bedford, Texas, is expected to choose between Duke, Kansas, Ohio State, Oklahoma State, Southern Methodist, Texas and Texas A&M.
Read more at http://dukereport.com/duke-recruiting/myles-turner-announce-april-30th-4pm-espnu/dukeofhoops/#9htVZMYP23eAxFPj.99
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Kentucky Defensive Coordinator Mic’d Up

To compete in the SEC, you have to have a strong defense.  Mark Stoops is a defensive minded coach, and he brought in DJ Elliot from Florida State with him.  They are working to turn Kentucky’s defense into something to be feared.  Here is an all-access look from Kentucky Wildcats TV with Coach Elliot mic’d up.

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Kentucky Offensive Line Coach Mic’d Up

Kentucky will lean more toward being a pass heavy team, and the offensive line has to figure a way out to protect the quarterback.  In the SEC, you have to be able to run the ball, as well.  Here is an all-access look from Kentucky Wildcats TV with the Kentucky Offensive Line Coach, Vince Marrow.  You have got to love playing for this guy!

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Replay Of Final Out Confirmed As Braves Close Out Reds 5-4


Evan Gattis holds on for the third out in the first inning.

The Atlanta Braves held on to a 5-0 lead to win 5-4. The Braves seemed well on their way to a win after 5 quick runs to start the game. The Braves got some power from Justin Upton in the first inning with a three run homer to start the game. The Braves would add single runs in the second and the third. The Reds refused to lay down scoring the next four runs of the game. The Reds scored two runs in the sixth and seventh inning before Jordan Walden came in to have a shutdown inning in the eighth. The ninth inning was anything but a shutdown inning for Kimbrel. Craig Kimbrel has been less than stellar since returning from his sore shoulder. Kimbrel allowed the first two hitters to reach before retiring the next two hitters. Joey Votto stepped to the plate and sent a chopper to Chris Johnson with Freeman holding the bag for the final out of the game. The final out was reviewed and the call was confirmed. The Braves are now 15-7 on the season. The Braves hold a 2.5 game lead on the Mets for the National League East.

Video Courtesy MLB.com

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Kentucky Wide Receiver Coach Mic’d Up

The Wide Receiver position has been a little thin with some injuries during this Spring session.  That is not keeping the Wildcats from trying to get better.  Here is a look from Kentucky Wildcats TV with an all-access look of Wide Receiver Coach Tommy Mainord.

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It Is Football Time In Kentucky

Today is the day, and what a day it will be for the University of Kentucky.  Last year, the Spring Football Game brought in over 50,000 people in attendance.  When you hear Kentucky, you do not typically think of football, but that is something Mark Stoops and his Wildcats are trying to change.

Kentucky will not bring in over 50,000 to today’s game, but the excitement will still be there.  With renovations taking place at the stadium, there will be limited seating for today’s game.  There should be well over 30,000 at the game, and the place should be rocking.


Stoops has brought an excitement to Kentucky’s program that has not been there for some time, now.  The fan base is actually excited to watch this team take the field.  There will be some changes at this year’s Spring Game.  Quarterbacks Maxwell Smith and Jalen Whitlow will not be taking the field.  Smith has been recovering from an injury, and Whitlow has decided to transfer.  Whitlow could have played a part in this team’s success, but it would have probably been at a different position.  He did not want to change positions, so he is changing schools.

What does that mean?

That means the quarterback situation is getting better.  On last year’s squad, Whitlow gave Kentucky the best chance to win.  If he could not win the starting spot back, then that means the rest of the quarterbacks are stepping up their game.  That is exciting to hear!

If you want to see an early glimpse of this team, head on out to the Spring Game.  It will be at Commonwealth Stadium at 3:30 pm.

You may ask, “Will this team ever be able to compete in the SEC?”

Coach Stoops will say, “Why Not?”

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Welcome Aboard!


We would like to welcome Tyler Darnell to the Mason Dixon Line Of Scrimmage team.  Tyler is a good friend of ours, and he will be very beneficial to our site.  The worst thing about him is that he is a Duke fan.  I will try not to hold that against him too much.  I always tell him, “You cannot spell Duke without UK!”

We are glad to add him to the team!

You can follow us on Twitter:





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Michigan’s Mitch McGary To Enter NBA Draft After Failed Drug Test

Michigan’s Mitch McGary has decided to enter his name into the NBA Draft.

It may not make sense to you.

The bottom line is that he messed up.  At some point in March, McGary smoked marijuana.  The NCAA drug tested him after Michigan’s Sweet 16 victory over Tennessee.  He received the results of the test after the Final Four.http://www.sportingnews.com/ncaa-basketball/story/2014-01-03/mitch-mcgary-injury-update-michigan-back-surgery-nba-draft-glenn-robinson-trey-burke-ncaa-tournament

Here is a statement by McGary:

“Being a part of a program that values integrity, it is important to let everyone know of a poor decision I recently made.  I tested positive for marijuana during the NCAA tournament. We were notified of that result after the Final Four.”

“I regret thoroughly disappointing my family, coaches and administration.  Despite all of this they have been understanding and helpful over the last couple of weeks. I take full responsibility for this poor choice and want to apologize to everyone, especially those I have grown close to during my fabulous two years at the University of Michigan.”

The NCAA has a rule in place that if a player fails an NCAA administered drug test, they will face a one year suspension.

McGary had the opportunity to go in the first round of last year’s draft, but he decided to come back after losing in the National Championship game against Louisville.  He only played in eight games, this season, before he hurt his back, which ended his season.

McGary would have probably stayed for one more season at Michigan. Now, he will probably fall to a second round selection in this year’s draft.  Since his injury, his stock has began to fall.  This decision to smoke marijuana will not help his draft status in any way.

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It Is Official: Harrison Twins To Return

http://www.houstonchronicle.com/sports/article/NBA-decision-next-step-for-Harrison-twins-5386940.phpAfter the much anticipated decision…

Andrew and Aaron Harrison will return to the University of Kentucky for a second season.   This is the news Big Blue Nation wanted to hear, and the rest of the nation did not want to hear.  After an impressive tournament run, several returning players, and the incoming recruiting class, next year looks to be a fun year for Kentucky Basketball.

And the whole state of Kentucky can breathe a sigh of relief…

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REPORT SAYS: Harrison Twins Return To Kentucky

http://ksr.wpengine.netdna-cdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/01/1221684.jpgYAHOO SPORTS IS REPORTING THAT THE HARRISON TWINS WILL RETURN TO KENTUCKY



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Harrison Twins Set To Announce At 1:00 PM


Andrew and Aaron Harrison will announce whether or not they are returning to Kentucky or entering the NBA Draft at 1:00 pm.

We will keep you posted with their decision…

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Two Is Better Than One: Will The Twins Return?

Two is better than one, right?

Last year, there was a statement that was made after Andrew and Aaron Harrison made their decision to come to Kentucky…”Keep Calm.  The Twins Are Coming.”

We are a year down the road, and we are anxiously awaiting their decision on whether or not they will return to Kentucky or declare for the NBA draft.  The Harrison twins have played together their entire lives.  They know each other better than anyone else.  We know that twins have a strong bond, and the Harrison twins have a strong bond.

When one twin has a bad game, then to almost everyone, they have both had a bad game.  Or, when one twin has a good game, then to almost everyone, they have both had a good game.  Their games, essentially, get lumped together.  They are used to that, though.  They have dealt with that their entire lives.  It is part of the territory.  The thing with the Harrison twins is that two is better than one.  They feed off of each other, and that is what makes them great!

So, we sit here…And wait…And wait…And wait some more!

This is a decision that everyone in the nation is waiting on.  Will the twins come back?  College basketball is watching.  College basketball is waiting.  The state of Kentucky can hardly contain themselves.  If the twins come back, Kentucky’s chances of winning the National Championship go way up.  They are already going to be good, next year, with the class they have coming back and the recruiting class they have coming in.  With the Harrison twins coming back, Kentucky will be reaaaaallllyyyyy gooooooood!  If the Harrison twins come back, Kentucky has really good chance to bring home #9!

Andrew Harrison…

Aaron Harrison…

Two is better than one!

Two years at Kentucky is also better than one!

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Yankees and Red Sox: Cheat Code

Baseball is a game that allows you to compete even if you are not the most athletic person.  If you have a particular skill, you will be able to succeed, given you have the right opportunity.

Sometimes a player may want to give himself a little bit of an advantage.  There have been many cases of steroids over the last several year.  This year alone, one player has been playing with fire.  Yankees pitcher, Michael Pineda, was ejected in the 2nd inning of Wednesday night’s game against the Red Sox in which the Yankees lost 5-1.  Pineda had a foreign substance applied to his neck.

Pitchers will sometimes use pine tar in order to help their grip, especially on cold nights.  It is bad that he cheated, but what makes it worse is that he had allegedly cheated against the very same team in the Red Sox when they met earlier in the season.  In an earlier meeting, it looked as if Pineda had a foreign substance on his hand.  He was not ejected from that particular game.  The Red Sox brought the foreign substance to the umpire’s attention Wednesday night.

Take a look:

If you are going to cheat, you could at least make it not so obvious.  Here is a close up of Pineda.

<span class="embed-youtube" style="text-align:center; display: block;"><iframe class='youtube-player' type='text/html' width='560' height='315' src='https://www.youtube.com/embed/BaOjaFN3gqM?version=3&rel=1&fs=1&autohide=2&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&wmode=transparent' allowfullscreen='true' style='border:0;'></iframe></span>

I am not sure I would want Pineda trying to do anything for me too secretive.  I pretty sure the secret would not be a secret too long!

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It’s Football Time….Well Almost!

We are right in the middle of college teams finishing up the Spring Practices.  There is much excitement around Spring Games.  Tailgating has been going on and will continue to go on as long as those Spring Games are going on.  We are talking about college football.


College football is not the only thing that is going on, right now.  The much anticipated NFL Draft is only a few short weeks away.  All of our favorite college players will look to make a splash in the NFL.  They will try to fit in on the team that drafts them, and they will hopefully make a run at a Superbowl.

With that being said, the NFL released their schedule for the 2014 season.  If you have not had a chance to look at next year’s schedule, Click HERE…

Football will be here before you know it!

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Can Donnie “Knoxville” Tyndall Exorcise The Ghost Of Pearl’s Past?

The road is not always straight, and the path is not always clear.  There is an old saying, “Where there is a will there is a way!”  This has to be the mentality of the new head coach of the University of Tennessee, Donnie  Tyndall.


Cuonzo Martin never stood a chance at Tennessee.  I think most liked him as a person, but most did not even give him a chance as a coach.  The past was all that Tennessee fans saw.  They saw the success that Bruce Pearl brought to a mediocre program, at the time, and they wanted it to continue.

Pearl is energetic, yells, screams, and motivates his players to their fullest potential.  Martin is hard nosed and not too dramatic.  Fans loved Pearl’s style, and they wanted to see that in Martin, but they never did.

We are now three seasons past Bruce Pearl at Tennessee, and there is a new guy in town…Donnie “Knoxville” Tyndall.

Tyndall will have to exorcise the ghost of Pearl’s past.  It will not be easy to do, as fans will always look at Pearl’s time at Tennessee as the measuring stick.  Tyndall seems capable and has had success at his other coaching stops.  He has made two NCAA Tournament appearances at Morehead State University, and he led Southern Miss to two NIT appearances in his time there.

Tyndall made a couple of statements at his press conference that show he has the confidence it is going to take to win at Tennessee.  He said that he would recruit with the best.  He said there would never be a player that he would not think he could get.  He said that when other coaches see him walking into a gym, they will know that they will have to step up their recruiting game.

He also made this statement about Tennessee, “you can compete to go to the Final Four and compete to win a national championship.”

That has to be encouraging for fans to hear.  It is not the same “building a program” speech.  It is “here at Tennessee, we can go to Final Fours and have an opportunity to win National Championship.”  Fans have to love the confidence.

The thing that will best help to put Bruce Pearl out of every Tennessee fan’s mind will be to win.  Donnie Tyndall will be able to help himself and his team out a whole lot if they can win!

Winning is not everything, but it is sure does help!

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Alex Poythress To Return To Kentucky


Kentucky’s Alex Poythress announces that he will return to school for his Junior year.

Poythress said:

“Playing in the NBA has always been a dream of mine, but I want to make sure that I’m NBA-ready before I make that jump,” Poythress said. “By coming back, I’ll be so much closer to earning my degree in business and it will give me another year to prepare my game and my body for the next level.”

Poythress will be vital to next year’s team with his experience.  Poythress progressed a lot from his first to second year.  It will be interesting to see how he develops in the off season.  He joins Willie Cauley-Stein in returning to Kentucky.

Kentucky is still waiting on Dakari Johnson, Aaron Harrison, and Andrew Harrison to make their decisions about next year, as well.

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Two National Championship Coaches At Kentucky Spring Practice

Kentucky’s Spring Game is only a few days away.  Even after a rough season, last year, there is an excitement running through this program.  The overall talent is probably better than it has been in recent memory, and BBN is looking to get behind this football team.

You know there is excitement behind your program when two National Championship coaches show up to practice.  John Calipari won a National Championship at Kentucky in 2012, and he has been in full support of Mark Stoops since day 1.

Bob Stoops, Mark’s older brother, is also a National Championship coach.  He led his Oklahoma Sooners to a National Championship in 2000.  He is in support of what his brother is trying to do at Kentucky, and he thought he would come take a look for himself at what is going on.


John Calipari and Bob Stoops at Kentucky’s Spring Practice


Bob Stoops At Kentucky’s Spring Practice In UK Gear



John Calipari talks with Mark, Mike, and Bob Stoops At Kentucky’s Spring Practice

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Tuesday Night In The NBA Playoffs


The NBA Playoffs have gotten started over the last few days.  There have been some very good games up to this point.  The overtime count is up to 3 during these playoffs.

Tuesday night’s match ups went as followed:

Indiana tied their series up by handling the Hawks 101-85.  Paul George went for 27 points, 6 assists, and 10 rebounds to lead the Pacers.

Toronto knotted their series with Brooklyn at 1-1.  They defeated the Nets 100-95.  DeMar DeRozan had 30 points, 2 assists, and 3 rebounds to lead the Raptors.

The best game of the night was between the Wizards and the Bulls.  Washington jumped out early, gave away a 17 point lead, fell down by 10 points in the 4th quarter, and fought back to send the game to overtime.  The Wizards jumped out in overtime to a lead, but tried to give the game away.  They held on late, and they leave Chicago with a 2-0 lead in the series.  Bradley Beal had 26 points, 2 assists, and 7 rebounds for the Wizards.  John Wall finished with 16 points, 7 assists, 5 rebounds, and 3 steals.


Here are the standings of each series, so far:

Atlanta – 1/Indiana – 1

Miami – 1/Charlotte – 0

Brooklyn – 1/Toronto – 1

Washington – 2/Chicago – 0

San Antonio – 1/Dallas – 0

Memphis – 1/Oklahoma City – 1

Golden State – 1/Los Angelos Clippers – 1

Portland – 1/Houston – 0

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Watch Donnie Tyndall Press Conference At Tennessee

http://www.wecoradio.com/2014/01/06/ut-men-vols-take-on-tennessee-tech-on-saturday-click-here-for-the-2013-ut-mens-schedule/8470Watch Donnie Tyndall Press Conference…LIVE


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Julius Randle Enters NBA Draft

Julius Randle Enters NBA Draft


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Donnie Tyndall Press Conference At Tennessee



The University Of Tennessee will introduce a new head basketball coach, today, at 2:00 pm.  Donnie Tyndall, a former Morehead State and Southern Mississippi head coach will take over the reins.

The event will be streamed online.  We will have a link to that stream so that you can watch it live.

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Donnie Tyndall To Coach Vols


Former Morehead State and Southern Mississippi coach, Donnie Tyndall, will be the next head basketball coach at the University of Tennessee.  Hours after being turned down by Louisiana Tech’s Michael White, Tennessee went to Tyndall.  It looks as if this is going to be the next leader at the helm.

Tyndall has led Southern Mississippi to the NIT over the last two seasons.  He led Morehead State to two NCAA Tournament births.  He upset Louisville in a #13 over a #4 match up in one of his NCAA Tournament runs.

Tyndall will look to light a fire under a Volunteer program that is looking for some excitement.

This may or may not be the hire that gets them on the right path.  Only time will tell.

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Tennesse Coaching Search Is Heating Up


La Tech Head Coach Michael White

ESPN’s Jeff Goodman is reporting that talks between the University of Tennessee and Louisiana Tech Head Coach, Michael White, are beginning to heat up.  Tennessee is targeting White as their new head coach since the departure of Cuonzo Martin.

In the past two seasons, White has guided La Tech to a 27-7 record in 2012-2013 and a 29-8 and one win away from the NIT Final Four in the 2013-2014 season.

We will keep you updated as this process continues.

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This Looks Painful!!!

I have played baseball for a large portion of my life, and I have had my fair share of bumps and bruises.  I have even took a few off of the face, but I have never had anything look like this:

via Twitter @JeffPassan

via Twitter @JeffPassan

This is a picture of Astros prospect Delino DeShields Jr.  He got hit in the face with a 90 mph fastball…OUCH!!!



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